Jakarta’s Pleasure Wear

“The Aid Kit is for everyone that feels emotionally vulnerable, due to being scared for lacking of style who then drained in its heaviness. By all means, The Aid Kit comes in rescue for every fashion victims, every gender, everywhere, and of course every time to realize how fashion is supposed to feel. To feel it light, yet stylish and content at the same time. That kind of happiness is what we call, Pleasure! Find out what’s your pleasure, and do it more. And all that, is the reason behind my statement of Pleasure Wear.”

–Sam Safina, Creative Director–

The Aid Kit is an Indonesian fashion label established in the mid-year of 2015. We are headquartered in Jakarta and to proudly say that we have been featured in a few well-known Indonesian Fashion and Lifestyle magazines. We bring genderless innovation in fashion, craftsmanship, wrapped in clean designs, with the aim of fulfilling the desire of pleasure seekers. The sartorial daring-the-edge look of urban life with its pleasure, are the tranquility of soul to live modestly in daily fashion and also to free yourself from the heaviness of fashion dogma’s.

We are proud to say that we are concern to Ethical in Fashion; the individuals behind our label, behind the productions. Like defending fair wages, working conditions, workers’ rights, supporting sustainable livelihoods, using developing eco-friendly fabrics and components, and indeed in animal rights.